Toilet Night Lights with Motion Sensor

Click here for the toilet lights with motion sensor.  Do you ever find yourself fumbling for the light switch? Great for the elderly and young children.



Toilet Night Lights with Motion Sensor Activation Detection

  • Superior motion detection technology detects movements within 5 feet and turns on the nightlight automatically, turns off after 128 seconds if no motion is detected prolonging battery life. With dual Sensors working together, LED light will only turn on when it detects motion and low-level ambient light. Otherwise, the toilet light keeps off to maximize battery lifetime.
  • This glow bowl toilet lights glow your toilet bowl and make potty training target fun, 16 colors that can work on a rotation or as a solid color by a control button. 170 degrees coverage makes it detect movement at a much wider angle than other glow bowl lights which can only reach 120 degrees or lesser.
  • The glow bowl light comes with 5 different levels of brightness control settings. It gives the glowing bowl appropriate illumination based on your choice. Controls are external facing making it easier to change the settings.
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  • Includes two sensors