Night Runner Shoe Lights

Night runner shoe lights are the original hands-free and headlight-free lighting solution for runners, hikers, or any outdoor enthusiast.  



  • ROBUST & WEATHERPROOF – Night Runner Shoe Lights are built tough with long-lasting quality at the forefront, allowing you to focus on your training in all conditions. Tried and tested by athletes, for athletes, in even the harshest conditions – including heavy rain, extreme heat, and even the extreme cold in ice and snow. Put yourself and your training to the test, because Night Tech Gear has got you covered.
  • 360 DEGREE VISIBILITY – Light up your path with 150 lumens + 2 ultralight LEDs with a rechargeable battery that produces 360 degrees of lighted visibility. A forward-facing light beam of up to 30 feet and two back-facing red lights define obstacles, alert motorists, and provide optimal visual acuity in front and around you on the road or trails. Don’t fuss with chest, knuckle, or hand lights, armbands, ankle or headlamps – simply clip on to the laces of your shoes or cleats, and go.
  • ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES – With the wearable night running shoe lights, you can safely trek through mountains, trails, or your own neighborhood knowing you’ve got reliable, safe lighting at all times. Whether running, cycling, walking, hiking, camping, fishing, or walking your dog, these shoe lights let you see and be seen safely in the dark from dusk till dawn.
  • THE NITTY GRITTY – Long-lasting lithium-ion batteries are fast charging via small micro USB, retaining light for your activities for 2.5 hours when using the high setting, or up to 5 hours with the standard-setting. Projecting beams of 30 feet to the front, and three lighting modes – including standard, high, and flashing.