Kick Alarm Personal Defense Device

Attach this Kick Alarm personal defense device to your mobile phone.  The ear-piercing siren will have an assailant fleeing quickly.  Equipped with high-intensity illumination to light walkways, find keys, and aid in other low lighting settings.



  • SELF-DEFENSE – Kick Alarm personal defense device not only protects your security but could “possibly save your life”. It attaches directly to your phone. the ear-piercing Kick Alarm provides you with vital seconds to flee the scene immediately, attracts attention, and places you in a surprise offensive controlled situation. As soon as the alarm is heard 68% of all assailants run away empty-handed according to the International Center For Criminology.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION – Ergonomically designed the Kick Alarm is also intended for daily use. The self-locking kickstand is the perfect solution for placing your smartphone on an office desk, kitchen counter, or bedside when watching videos hands-free. In addition, the kickstand swings out to provide an anti-drop, convenient safe grip while operating your phone, taking pictures, or even one hand texting. Pocket friendly, when closed the Kick Alarm slips into your pocket like it wasn’t even there!
  • LED LIGHT – Equipped with a high-intensity LED light a single push of the recessed button quickly illuminates walking paths, helps locate keys, or aids in other low light situations. The LED light was specifically engineered to turn itself off after 15 seconds to save battery life. Simply press the recessed button to re-activate the light. Equipped with (2) CR2032 batteries provide a very durable and long service life.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – Requires no training or skill to operate. Kick Alarm can also be brought onboard any public airplane, or pass through any type of security checkpoint screening device. Your family’s safety is our top priority. Rest assured knowing that your loved ones are protected. Kick Alarm makes a great gift for kids, teenagers, women, the elderly, students, joggers also a perfect companion for traveling, hiking, camping, and walking the dog.