Guard Dog Self-Defense

Protect yourself with this 3-in-1 pepper spray, stun gun, and flashlight guard dog self-defense combo kit. Spray span up to 16 feet and the stun gun and flashlight provide a powerful, high voltage jolt to a would-be attacker.



  • Guard Dog Self-Defense has the best of the 3 worlds, stun gun, pepper spray, and flashlight. All in one device
  • Maximum Strength (lab tested): The 1.44 mc formulation will give you enough time to abandon the scene and ask for help
  • Distance Matters: Impressive spray span of up to 16-feet (60% further than other brands) guarantees maximum accuracy and effectiveness when you need it the most
  • Maximum Power: The stun gun and flashlight provides a powerful, high voltage jolt to a would-be attacker. A safety switch prevents accidental discharge, while the rubberized body minimizes slippage
  • Free pepper spray for life: Guard Dog industry-exclusive Protected 4 Life Program replaces your self-defense spray in the event of use