Digital Camera Binoculars

Buy now digital camera binoculars for your next sporting event, hunting trip, bird/animal/insect watching. High quality photos and video views.



  • GREAT FOR BIRDS WATCHING OR HUNTING – These binoculars will be perfect for sporting events, concerts, bird watching, or hunting. Taking pictures of the wild turkeys and deer without scaring them does the trick for me. I can be looking at a bird on the feeder and quickly change focus to a bird far beyond it in a tree far away. The 12x magnification is very clear making the ability to spot detail on small birds easy for identification, would be sufficient. Also great for patrol and fishing.
  • EASY TO FOCUS OPERATION AND GET A VERY CLEAR VIEW – Focusing on both eyes is very easy. Very to get the focus just right by adjusting the left eyepiece as outlined in the included focusing instructions. You access the setup screen with the menu button. There you set up whether you will be using still shots or video, the resolution the quality, Etc. Use the zoom in and out button to make your choices. The video and picture quality is amazing! It works well in low light and is extremely easy to use.
  • PERFECT SIZE TO TRAVEL AND TAKE AROUND – The compact size makes it easy to carry. The lightweight makes it nice to use for long periods without holding fatigue. You can do photos or videos on here or you can use it just for binoculars. The binoculars zoom12x makes viewing objects people easy! You have to have a stable hand, so it is recommended to get a tripod. The easy-to-follow instructions make this an appealing item for all ages. It can provide hours and hours of enjoyment for the family.
  • UP CLOSE VIEW OF ANIMALS, BIRDS, AND INSECTS – This Binoculars Camera has kept children busy for hours on end. They enjoy going on nature walks and seeing up close animals and birds and insects. It has a strap so they can hold it themselves. Let your kids use them and get them interested in spotting wildlife they get to enjoy “high-quality” views! Take it to a rugby game and got lots of good footage, they love to sit outside and watch the deer, foxes, and other wildlife coming to the pond.
  • PERFECT TO GIVE AS A GIFT – Full HD 1080P LCD Display, easy to understand instructions, the pictures are very clear and easy to upload to PC, share them to social platforms such as YouTube at any time. This digital binocular camera helps you capture those great scenes, this is a great feature! These are not heavy even with the display. Fits perfectly in your hands. They arrived in a nice box and would be perfect to give as a gift or trip to try out.