Reflective Running Vest with Front Light

Illuminate the road ahead of you while walking, running or cycling with this reflective running vest with front light.  The adjustment non-slip vest is lightweight and comfortable.



  • Design with front light – LED reflective running vest with front light, supports two-level brightness adjustment, support the adjustment of the lighting angle of the headlights, a variety of color options, high illuminance illuminates the road ahead, and you no longer have to worry about the danger of tripping at night. High-visibility warning light with adjustable elastic band, easy to adjust the size.
  • USB charging – LED reflective running vest has a built-in 1200 mA battery. It only takes 1-2 hours to fully charge, and it can last about 6-8 hours. The battery has a standby time of up to 30 days. When the battery is low, the indicator light will flash red, and when the battery is fully charged, the indicator light will turn green. It can be easily connected to any charging device with a USB interface, such as computers, mobile power supplies, laptops, etc.
  • High visibility and multiple colors – 360-degree lighting, switching between 6 ultra-bright pure colors of red, blue, purple, pink, green, and orange and 3 eye-catching multi-color flashing modes. Our special lighting mode is based on Vision science provides you with visibility and warns motorists. Simply press a button to easily select the mode and quickly switch between multi-color lights.
  • Lightweight and comfortable – If you take a sprint in the morning, walk the dog at night, or ride the whole night alone, it only takes 6.5 ounces-you will forget you are wearing it. Use high-quality sports mesh and elastic, sweat-proof, frictionless, comfortable to wear. The slim and simple design ensures minimal contact between the fabric and the body, reduces sweat, and helps it not interfere with your HRM (heart rate monitor).
  • Adjustable non-slip – Our waistband is elastic, breathable and highly adjustable, suitable for all body types. It can be put on your coat or jacket in cold weather, and on your T-shirt in hot summer. The non-slip rubber strip on the back prevents the fiber from slipping off your shoulders during running, making your running more comfortable.